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Site Drainage and Retention Ponds

Site drainage is our number one concern on every project.

Water will always flow from the highest point to the lowest point, and take the path of least resistance to get there.
Go with the flow. Site drainage and retention ponds are critical in new developments and road construction. Since most of the house lots and new construction developments in southern New Hampshire have a hilly terrain, installing drainage swales and retention ponds are often sufficient to redirecting storm water safely.
Drainage swales consisting of rip-rap stone (or similar erosion control material) are cut in to the grade and flow to a retention pond in a natural low spot on the property or development.
Drain pipes and culverts are installed underneath driveways during road construction to channel water through.
Occasionally, there is nowhere for the water to go. We can install a catch basin and connect it to a municipal drain system, if there is one available - or install a crushed stone dry well to catch standing water.
Wet basement? More than just a wet basement contractor, Steve Sarette & Son Excavation can redirect the storm water before it reaches your basement by re-shaping the landscape of your property. We can also install a footing drain around the perimeter of your house, then seal the exterior foundation walls to prevent it from ever happening again.

Our Residential Excavation Services in Southern NH

Servicing Goffstown NH, Bedford NH, Hooksett NH, Merrimack NH, Manchester NH, New Boston NH, and the surrounding Southern NH areas.

  • Yard Expansions

  • Water Line Installation & Repair

  • Town Sewer Connections

  • Drainage Swales

  • Stumping & Grading

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Steve Sarette & Son Excavation, LLC
282 Goffstown Back Rd.
Goffstown, NH 03045
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